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When Sule declares Love to Kajol

Comedian sule unceasingly makes us laugh out loud with his behavior. Comedian as well as a presenter whose original name is Entis Sutisna has a distinctive characteristic when on stage that makes Indonesian people so loved him.

It is common knowledge that the man born in Cimahi, West Java is so fond of Bollywood films. To the extent that the child that is Rizky Febian also until now became a lover of Bollywood movies.

Recently Sule was caught by netizens expressing his heart to a bollywood artist whom he idolized for a long time. In lansir from Makrumpita Instagram account, here ya guys love statement Sule To Kajol the Idol.

Seen once sule instsa account with the name @ Ferdinan_Sule appear in column komusat posting instagram the star bollywood, kocaknya again, the statement of love that he wrote using Sundanese language.

Love Sule's statement to Kajol who was caught through the Coment Instagram Kajol column (@makrumpita)

"Eceu meni funny ih tos geulis tea Ceu servant tea heavy fan eceu ti zaman kuch kuch ho ta hay tea geuning nu sareng sahrukhan gustiiiiii iraha pendak atuh" write sule below comment column video post boomerang Kajol

Post that has the meaning 'Mbak funny really ih already pretty too. I'm not a big fan of Kuch Kuch Ta Hai's same time Shah Rukh Khanitu loh. Yes Tuhaaan when met dong '.

Suddenly a love statement sule for Kajol the Idol this made the netizens laugh and many also comment on the statement of love sule it.

for example one akaun @risharuswenda who say 'kang sule ceuceu @ kajol mah moal ngartoseun atuh ahh 😂😂😂', besides that there is also @mauraazhrivaa account that says' kang nyasar kang.

Suddenly, Kajol's comment column was filled in by Indonesian netizen comments commenting on Sule's love statement for Kajol. Kang Sule emang have a sense of humor that okay yes guys who must always entertain the community. keep working kang Sule !!

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