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Rummy gossip Via Vallen has a husband

Dangdut singer Ayu Ting Ting's relationship with Via Vallen is in danger of cracking after the Ayu Ting Ting makeup man, Reyza Calos, spreading inappropriate gossip that makes Via Vallen angry.

As reported previously, makeup Ayu Ayu accused Via Vallen is married to a husband of people and have children. Reyza Calos's post reap the threat of somasi and make the makeup immediately apologize or remove it.

"I do not even understand and do not know (case of somasi). Hopefully all can be solved well, "said Ayu when asked for his response.

"I am confused also why this is very busy, but hopefully can be solved with kinship only," said Ayu.

According to him, he has asked it to his assistant related to the summons. But Ayu does not want the atmosphere is not good and still hope the case can be resolved properly.

"Insha Allah is all settled with a cool head," said the singer 'Sambalado' this.

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