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Puja Abdillah hopes to still be able to defend PERSIB

Puja Abdillah hopes he can still defend PERSIB next season. Contract Puja with Persib will end on 31 December. But until now he claimed to have no further communication with management.

"If there are other teams who offer offers, but it's still a secret, arguably, Puja still put Persib first," he said on the club's official website.

The new 21st birthday player is also determined to prove his capacity as a potential young player dropout Training Persib if you can get the trust of coach Mario Gomez. According to him, the confidence to young players is very meaningful.

In the competition Go-Jek Traveloka League 1 ago, Puja did not have much opportunity to show off teeth. He even got loaned to PSGC Galuh team to help the team from Ciamis regency to get out of the relegation zone of League 2.

"Puja is the native son of the region and his hope is not grandiose, that is, given the minute belief of play, if people have been given trust, they will be confident, so will Puja, will certainly maximize the opportunity," he hoped.

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