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Police have evidence of breach Dewi Persik's husband

The police have examined the witnesses and CCTV recordings related to reports of Transjakarta officers who were not accepted insulted by the husband of artist Dewi Perssik, Angga Wijaya.

Head of Polda Metro Jaya Police spokesman Ago Yuwono said the Transjakarta officer's report was being handled by PMD Ditreskrimum. Police have examined Transjakarta officers, police, witnesses, and have checked to the scene.

"Remarks by witnesses, the car (which is driven by Angga and Depe) has entered the 30-meter busway lane. Because not opened TransJakarta officer, eventually the driver came down and there was a debate, "he told reporters on Friday (8/12/2017).

He added that the investigators had requested CCTV recordings at the scene to the Dishub Jakarta to find out exactly what happened at the scene at that time.

In fact, did not rule out the police will do confrontir to Transjakarta officers and husband Depe.

The husband of Depe, namely Angga added Argo, is now threatened with punishment for violating Article 335 and 212 of the Criminal Code. "It's about fighting officers," he said.

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