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New Year's Eve, MAISAKA will Entertain Tanjung Tabalong Community

The music world is nothing new for Maisaka. Since still in elementary school age, even already familiar with the stage entertainment. Then in the year 2014 ago, had been a finalist in the talent search in one of the private TV.

Would not stop there. Maisaka was then looking for luck as a singer through the recording path. Indeed, women born Ciamis this one, finally chose the path of dangdut music in pursuit of obsession to the level of popularity.

"Before, before joining ASCADA Music, I was active on the pop line. But, once now can chance recording, yes select dangdut music, "said Maisaka (25) who had debut single dangdut entitled 'Remember You' (2016).

Still with ASCADA Music, Mela Rosmalia, in 2017 again threw a single gress titled 'Wolves Haired Sheep'. "Right now, I am also preparing for a new single bikim, will be circulated in 2018," said Maisaka.

In the turn of the year from 2017 to 2018, will appear to entertain the community in Tanjung Tabalong District, South Kalimantan.

"Although not familiar with the area, but I'm sure the people are friendly," said Maisaka. (R)

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