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New Year Cita Citata Choose Vacation to Europe

Throughout the month in 2017, the dangdut singer Cita Citata is like chasing the deposit through busy gig. Without realizing it over time even make tired of the mind. Therefore for the end of this year, he chose to tour Europe.

Although for the plan, he says still special meaning. Why not accompanied by her lover, Ardavan Farzi.

"I do not have a boyfriend yet. Let go alone, yes do not have to upset, "said Cita Citata.

Singer song hits 'Goyang Dumang' this one, confirmed that his departure to Europe later, it was accompanied by friends. "We get together and have fun," he said, cheerfully.

Planning for holidays to Europe, said Cita Citata, has been designed for quite a while. There was something memorable in his life. Therefore when choosing to go with the people closest first, yes because they want to have a deep impression.

According to Cita Citata is phenomenal through the song 'Sakitnya Tuh Here', if for the last three years barely stop meeting the schedule show off the water to a number of areas. It also appeared on a number of TV programs.

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