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Mang Oded Attends Palestinian Defense Action at BIP

After Friday prayers, Deputy Mayor of Bandung Oded M Danial is planned to attend the Palestinian defense in front of the Bandung Indah Plaza, Friday (15/12/2017) at around 13:30 pm.

Thus the agenda received from Public Relations Bandung, this morning. Oded M Danial is planned to perform a short speech on the action.

While this action will be at the Center of Islamic Propagation (Pusdai) West Java, after Friday prayers.

According to the plan, the Palestinian defenders will then follow Jalan Merdeka and stop in front of the BIP and then to the end point of the Al-Ukhuwwah Mosque.

Prior to joining the Palestinian defense, Oded M Danial scheduled to attend the ceremony of Juang Kartika Day in 2017 in the field Mabrigif 15 Kujang at 07:45 pm. (Rls)

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