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Lindswell Kwok Rejects Movie's Offer

Lindswell Kwok beautiful wushu athlete admitted very inspired by action actor Jeet Li when appearing in national and international events.

"That's because I'm a fan of the movie starring Jeet Li," he said, as he talked with the media.

Jeet Li, he said, no doubt that inspired Kwok to achieve world achievement. In fact, he called Jeet Li is the wushu world champion five times in a row.

As is known, Lindswell Kwok managed to achieve a myriad of achievements both nationally and internationally in the field of Wushu. In fact, when I was little Kwok not so interested in this type of sport.

This beautiful girl born 24 September 1991 has specialization in number Taijijian and Taijiquan. Of those two numbers he often waving the Red and White flag in the international arena of the last is the World Championships 2017

Currently, Kwok who is also a student at the University of North Sumatra is admitted to receiving many offers to play movies or so ad stars. But that's all he refused to do fine.

"I want to stay focused for achievement. The closest is the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang. Of course I want to donate a gold medal for Indonesia, "he said giving the reason. * (R)

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