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Happiness Zarima Mirafsur, Happy a mother

A happy face can not be hidden Zarima Mirafsur (mother) and Ferry Juan SH (father), when their beautiful darling daughter that is Niquota Juan successfully completed high school education from Australian Independent School (AIS).

Attending the AIS 2017 Gradution event at JW Marriot Hotel Jakarta, Monday (12/12), both Zarima Mirafsur and Ferry Juan SH, strongly supports his desire to continue studying abroad.

"To be sure, I am very happy and proud. Because, tonight saw Niquita, wearing graduation clothes with other students. Moreover, Niquita won the top three from all students in AIS Jakarta school, "said Ferry Juan as beloved father Niquita Juan.

Not until there, the man known as the famous lawyer, ready to support Tata (familiar call Niquita Juan-red) to study abroad, certainly in accordance with his choice of heart.

Added Ferry if Tata has made his choice to study in international relations majors (international affairs). "I hope to be able to achieve his goals for a career as a reliable Indonesian diplomat or work in United Nations or United Nations (UN) abroad.

On the occasion, Ferry and Zarima both entrust the message to Niquita Juan. "The most important thing, Tata must still uphold morals and good moral and praiseworthy," hope both.

Added Ferry that wherever Tata will settle, must fear God and be honest, humble and caring people help the hard ones. "I hope messages to Tata, to always be a guide in his life," lid Ferry. *(Niki Sinten)

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