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Go to the Police, Depe Reports Transjakarta Officers

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The dispute between Dangdut Dewi Persik singer and Transjakarta officer becomes long. Depe accompanied by her husband and his legal counsel visited Polda Metro Jaya Police Service Center (SPKT) on Monday (4/12/2017) night. His arrival was alleged to make a report back against a TransJakarta officer named Harry MAS.

Monitoring merdeka.com, Depe arrived at the location at around 19:30 pm with a black Jaguar No. car. B 12 DP. By wearing a white jacket, he will explain in detail the related report to be made by him.

"Ntar used to be explained later, report let me be relieved," said Depe with a smile.

While husband and manager, Angga Wijaya said, their intention of one of them to report back Harry MS who first reported Dewi Persik. "Yeah dong report back," he said.

As reported, the Transjakarta officer named Harry MS made a police report in Polda Metro Jaya on Saturday (2/12). The report received as stated in the number LP / 5891 / XII / 2017 / PMJ / Dit Reskrimum.

In the report reported to be threatened Article 335 of the Criminal Code on the Threat of Violence, Article 212 of the Criminal Code on Fighting Officers, and Article 315 of the Criminal Code on Defamation.

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