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Faithful Inul's Companions are just ordinary people

Inul Daratista always displays his personal and fun every time appearing on the screen.

Not just for viewers or fans, but also with fellow artists. But who would have thought, Inul disclose his relationship with his colleagues who both wrestle in the field of enterteiment.

The famous singer with a rocking shake was openly admitted if he did not have close friends from the artist except Titiek Puspa.

Instead of arrogant, but Inul claimed he was aware of himself when he first arrived in Jakarta first.

He realized if he was just a village artist who much disliked at the beginning of his career in Jakarta. Inul even revealed that his close friends are just ordinary people.

Even so, Inul confess if his friends who are not from among selebiriti is more beautiful because it is always sincere in praying.

Not only that, his friends were always there with him when sick, hard, and sad.

Most importantly, his close friends saw him as a comrade, not an artist or a rich man.

Therefore, Inul asserted that his current friend is not much and it consists of ordinary people with a good heart.

Friends who count can be counted on the fingers is recognized Inul has a lot of fingers to pray for it.

Furthermore, Inul states if the friend is in a difficult time, sad, and slumped.

Even so, Inul confirms if it is a story of friendship with people who are outside the artist and does not mean artist friends are meaningless.

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