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Erlyn Suzan is now close to a Brazilian man

It may be what the singer dangdut Erlyn Suzan is currently a form of escape, because ever disappointed with the man from his own country. The proof, he now dare to show affection with a Brazilian man named Christian.

Although the intimacy that was shown in a shoot a video clip some time ago. It's hard to be denied, when seeing the Erty gesture who dared to put his arm around Christian's body, if there is no chemistry.

"We are both engaged in professional work. Incidentally there is the making of a tired video clip Heart. Our communication and equality are normal. do not know ya in the future, "said Erlyn as gesturing, if Christian could be the figure of the man who wanted and even girlfriend.

Beautiful women from Balikpapan, currently in the status of Singles, after never failed berumahtangga. "Why not? If a mate did bring together, why not, I can accompany a foreign man. Make me a Christian figure, very interesting, "said Erlyn.

The song 'Capek Hati' is the latest single Erlyn Suzan. The song, tells of the confusion of his heart, for being touched by a man. When making a video clip, he actually met Christian, a man from Brazil. "Anyway, the person is very interesting and sympathetic," he concluded.

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