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Chrisye movie preach ala Rizal Mathovani

In the hands of Director Rizal Mathovani, Chrisye's figure came to life again. One of the 80-90 Indonesian pop music diva is present as a boyfriend, husband and father, and divine seeker of truth.

With a touching story, and featuring an undisclosed side so far, the audience welcomes Chrisye's film with emotion and tears. The film is based on the narrative of Damayanti Noor, the wife of the deceased.

No less than the vocalist of the band Rian D'Masiv states could not hold back his tears that moistened the cheeks while watching the movie Chrisye.

Through Instagram @rianekkypradipta account, the singer Do not Give Up this shows a picture of himself with other D'Masiv personnel, and the leader of Musica Studio, Indrawati Widjaja.

"Done to watch my premiere #filmchrisye so know a little more how om chrisye off stage .. but it's a lot to tell the sad side of om chrisye .. I shed a little tears earlier," said Rian.

Senior actress Dewi Irawan through her tritter account writes, @FilmChrisye story of life journey, love, career & spiritual Chrisye legendary musicians. Can be said Islamic da'wah movie is very cool classmate #HacksawRidge.

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