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Bollywood star are captivated by the beauty of Raja Ampat

Indonesia's natural beauty is special. There is no second in the world. It is very difficult not to fall in love with the natural exotism of Indonesia.

Exactly with the always presented Minister Arief Yahya, that the natural and cultural resourches Indonesia is always Top 20 in the world. The natural charm of Indonesia not only makes travelista fall in love. Many local and foreign celebrities are also captivated by the natural beauty of Indonesia.

Foreign celebrities who are fascinated by the beauty of Indonesia is Ankit Bathla. The Bollywood actor was captivated by the beauty of Raja Ampat, West Papua. Beginning November 2017 Bathla took time to Raja Ampat before returning to India after starring in a series on one of Indonesia's private television.

Bathla admits to falling in love with three things in Raja Ampat. Namely, the sun, sand, and beach. "My holiday is truly magnificent, it's the heaven on earth, it's the most beautiful place I've ever seen," Bathla said as quoted by the Hindustan Times page of November 15, 2017.

You are curious about Bathla holidays in Raja Ampat can see his Instagram account. Bathla uploaded some photos with a very powerful background of the beauty of Raja Ampat.

In one photo seen Bathla standing back to Wayag Island. In another photo seen Bathla standing on a stretch of white sand. "I also met tourists from other countries. Talking with them is fun, "added Iqbaal cast in the film titled Club 60 it.

Another Bathla, another David Hasselhoff. Baywatch star series was made intoxicated with the charm of Gili Meno, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

The small population, the gorgeous white sandy beaches, and the fantastic atmosphere at Gili Meno make Hasselhoff klepek-klepek.
Love Hasselhoff on Gili Meno is very reasonable. During this time, Gili Meno is known for its stunning beaches. Gili Meno even occupies the eleventh position of the category Top 25 Beaches in Asia version of TripAdvisor in 2016.

"The water is like I've never seen before. This is heaven. Waves fantastic and few people there, "said the man from the United States (US) as reported by Hello Magazine, July 21, 2017.

Meanwhile, British comedian Bill Bailey has good memories while on holiday to Sumatra eleven years ago. "My wife and I went to Sumatra in Indonesia for two weeks with our infant son. Somewhere, we camped in a forest of many elephants, "Bailey said as quoted by Express, July 8, 2017.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks star did not mention the location of the stay. Even so, the 53-year-old man feels a very great experience. "We saw giant tortoises, wild orangutans, and spectacular bird life," Bailey said.

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