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Appears Related Books of Israel, This is Anang's comment

Polemic about the textbook material that contains the matter of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel proves the ineffectiveness of Law No. 3 of 2017 on Bookkeeping System. The government should pay attention to it.

Commission X member of the House of Representatives, Anang Hermansyah, said that the textbook material about Jerusalem as the capital of Israel shows that the bookkeeping system in Indonesia has not been effective yet.

"This case gives an important message that the Bookkeeping System Law has not been effective yet, even if the system is running, there will be no such problem," said Anang in Jakarta today.

Anang mentions in the Book System Law strictly regulated about the terms of the content of the book material. In Article 42 paragraph (5) Act No. 3 Year 2017, continued Anang, arranged concrete requirements about the content of the book.

"There are five requirements of the content of the book that is not contrary to the values ​​of Pancasila, not discriminative based on SARA, does not contain elements of pornography, does not contain elements of violence and does not contain hate speech," said Anang.

Associated with textbooks for the elementary school, the musician from Jember is assessing, the content of the book can enter the category in opposition to Pancasila.

"Pancasila as the basic norm that has the spirit contained in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution that is participating in maintaining the world order, clearly in the case of Israel is against our spirit of the constitution.Samely, we reject colonialism and push the world order, but the textbooks become promotional agents Israel, "Anang complained.

In another part of Anang said, the government to immediately issue a Government Regulation (PP) including ministerial regulations (Permen) so that the implementation of Book System Law can run effectively.

"Although in the law, the government is given a two year time limit since the law is enacted, but I see the government should accelerate the issuance of PP on this Bookkeeping System so that this Act can be implemented properly," advised Anang.

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