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Andien Aisyah Welcomes New Year in Borobudur

Jazz singer Andien Aisyah, will welcome the new year 2018 by appearing in the cultural heritage of Indonesia, Borobudur temple in concert Borobudur Nite and Cultural Feast 2017.

There is something special in the show later, where Andien, 32, will sing with the accompaniment of a typical arrangement of Javanese music. A number of songs that had been hits by vocals, will be sung again with nuances and arrangements typical of Java.

"It's a special show that has its own power. There are gamelan sounds and musical instruments typical of Java. So reasonable nuances also must be special later. During this just just come alone the visitors can already feel the powerful energy and the atmosphere is different. Moreover, come to see the musical performances, "explained the mother of one child again.

"Later the people who come can write their prayers and hopes and fly the papers along with lanterns," continued the owner of the album Bisikan Hati, Kinanti, Gemintang, Kirana, Andien, Let It Be My Way.

In addition to Andien, there will be Kevin Aprilio who will also fill the event.

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