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AGNEZ MO Invite fans Join in 'The Boxes' Bandung

Singer Agnez Mo through his official application invites two of his lucky fans to participate in the opening of "The Boxes". Agnez Mo's official app has been present since May 2017 as a revolutionary way for Agnez Mo to interact with his fans.

What is certain with the presence of this Agnez Mo application has provided many opportunities for fans to get exclusive content in the form of photos and videos and various contests that even allows fans to meet directly with the idol artist.

While the last contest held by Agnez Mo through its official application is to provide an exclusive opportunity for two lucky fans to be able to meet directly with the idol and attend the opening of Agnez Mo's restaurant 'The Boxes' in Bandung.

Of course the rare opportunity, opened in a very limited time, starting from December 12 to 14, 2017. Therefore, open opportunities are very encouraging for fans Agnez Mo to get an opportunity that can not necessarily be repeated again.

"I have felt a lot of benefits from the presence of this official application. So, the easier I interact so I can be more familiar with the fans. This is because they can directly connect with me through this exclusive app. And on this special occasion in December, I invited my two lucky fans to attend the special opening of "The Boxes" in Bandung on December 15, 2017, "said Agnez Mo.

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