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What Gemma Atkinson said about Ryan Giggs?

 British actress and model Gemma Atkinson denied having a special relationship with Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs. Former Cristiano Ronaldo lover says Giggs is just a good friend.

Gemma's proximity rumor with Giggs has appeared since February 2017. Giggs was then still a husband of Stacey Cooke, before the two were officially divorced in August 2017.

Rumors of a special relationship between Gemma and Giggs re-emerged in recent months. The lighter is a photo uploader Gemma via Twitter was having dinner with Giggs.

In an interview with Key 103 radio show, Gemma denied rumors of her proximity to Giggs. Gemma ensure the winger who strengthen Manchester United from 1990 to 2014 was just a friend.

"Every male friend seen with me, people always say we're dating. Every time I make friends with a guy, people say we have a special relationship, "said Gemma was quoted from Manchester Evening News.

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