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Taeyeon Accident due to Dog poodle?

Girls' Generation's leading girl group leader Taeyeon was involved in an accident in Seoul's Gangnam area on Tuesday (28/11/2017).

According to police and eyewitnesses in Gangnam, the 28-year-old leader was involved in a successive accident as he drove a Mercedes-Benz car on the first lane of three lanes of Seoul Subway line 7 ramp.

Taeyeon's car collided with a K5 taxi, and the taxi hit Audi right on the front.

Taeyeon is said to have been taken to hospital for complaining of chest pain when the ambulance arrived at around 20:10 local time. While conditions Audi riders and two passenger cabs are also in a state of injury and taken to the hospital.

"Two passengers in a taxi and an Audi driver are unharmed, Taeyeon is deeply hurt," the police said as quoted by Naver.

Police have also conducted alcohol checks, and have found no suspicion that Taeyeon is driving under the influence of alcohol. So the police focused the investigation on possible traffic accidents caused by negligence in driving like neglecting looking forward.

Residents who witnessed the accident said that a poodle dog that caused the accident experienced Taeyon.

"The black poodle is not tied up in the passenger seat in Taeyeon's vehicle, but it's just covered with clothes."

The police will also check whether Taeyeon's dog is the cause of the accident. The police will ask for a statement from Taeyeon or a taxi driver.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment as Taeyeon's agency said that the cause of Taeyon's accident was due to lack of caution.

"Taeyeon traffic accidents because of lack of caution .. I apologize to the driver and passengers, I will do my best to handle this accident," he said.

SM also said that Taeyeon is now at home to recover the condition, and no serious injuries as reported.

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