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Dewi Persik rejects Sandiaga Uno offer

The unpleasant incident of Dewi Persik and her husband Angga Wijaya on the TransJakarta route a few days ago was responded by Jakarta Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno.

Sandiaga Uno considers the incident that befell the Dewi Persik as a blessing, the article, Sandiaga plans to lift Dewi Persik as an orderly ambassador of Busway.

"So with the appointment of this case may be a good learning. Mbak Dewi Persik could be an ambassador. Orderly Ambassador of Busway. Orderly Ambassador TransJakarta Current, "said Sandiaga Uno.

However, Sandiaga Uno's proposal was rejected by Dewi Persik. Through instagram account, Depe reasoned does not have the ability to bear the ambassador of traffic order.

"To the honorable father, the father of wagub @sandiuno thank you for his trust to make me DUTA TRANSJAKARTA (BUSWAY), but with no less respect and humility seems like I have no ability and dare to be an ambassador." Write Dewi Persik.

Depe continued, will be accepted if proposed proposals become ambassadors singing and rocking. "If a rocking and singing ambassador may .. because that's my field." Depe said.

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