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Cathy Sharon Wants a Second Child's Birth

Cathy Sharon is awaiting the birth of her second child, who is expected to be born in early October. She hopes to have a normal delivery like her first child, Jacob.

"Prediction of birth October 4 later. But it is up to this baby to be born first or after. "Said Cathy who met in Gandaria City, Jakarta, yesterday. "Hopefully launched this baby girl," he said again.

After giving birth to Jacob, Julie Estelle's sister is intentionally withdrawing from the activities of the artist world. Cathy did not want to miss the moment of the growth of the fruit of her heart.

"I want to focus on taking care of a child, not wanting to lose a single moment," said Cathy. "After all, not long after Jacob, get pregnant again."

Even so, Cathy admitted often feel homesick with the entertainment world that has raised his name. The movie player of this empty bench occasionally fills the event as his long-term healer.

"Yes most follow the event so guest star. Keep quality time with family to keep harmony of family and household, "concluded the German-born woman.

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