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Ahmad Dhani Scheduled to be examined today

Musician Ahmad Dhani today, Thursday (30/11/2017), is scheduled to be examined by South Jakarta Metro Police investigators as a suspect on the case of hate speech abuse through social media.

"So for the examination of Ahmad Dhani as a suspect conducted by South Jakarta Police agenda at 10-hour (today-Red)," said Head of Police Public Relations of Metro Jaya Argo Yuwono in his office.

Even so, Argo can not confirm whether the husband of Mulan Jameela will be present or not because there has been no confirmation to the police for his presence. However, if it is not expected to inform and will be rescheduled.

"So we'll wait for what's in attendance or not. Hopefully the person is present so that we can check what is concerned, "he said

Contacted separately, Ali Lubis, Ahmad Dhani's attorney confirmed his client will attend the first hearing after being named as a suspect.

"ADP is willing to attend the South Jakarta District Police at 13.00 pm," he said when confirmed by reporters on Thursday (30/11/2017).

There is no special preparation from Ahmad Dhani, including not going to bring a number of documents stating if Dhani is innocent. "It does not seem to exist. I immediately accompanied, "he said.

Dhani's case stems from a report filed by Jack Boyd Lapian. Boyd who claimed to be a supporter of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok reported Dhani upload on twitter account @AHMADDHANIPRAST which says, 'Anyone who supports religion is a bastard who needs to be spit in face -ADP'.

In this case, Ahmad Dhani allegedly violated Article 28 paragraph 2 Jo Article 45 paragraph 2 of Law RI Number 19 Year 2016 About Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE).

Not only that, Ahmad Dhani is also involved in legal issues related to allegations of insult against President Joko Widodo. In this case he has also been designated as a suspect, the case handled by the Polda Metro Jaya.

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