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Santen Island became the first shariah beach concept of halal tourism

Banyuwangi launches Santen Island as the first shariah beach with the concept of halal tourism and the only one in the eastern tip of Java Island.

Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas stated that Banyuwangi regency continues to develop new tourist destinations. One of them arranges the area of ​​Santen Island which is also an asset belonging to TNI-AD became the destination concept of sharia beach.

Sharia beach is more reserved for women. Men are not allowed to enter the area of ​​sharia beach tourism. The reason, all officers who provide services on the sharia beach are women and hooded.

Even so, the entry on the sharia beach is not only the Muslims and should not be hooded. Non-Muslim public are also allowed to visit. The concept of sharia beach in question is all visitors on the beach are female sex.

Another concept of sharia beach development is that the whole coastal area serves halal food and drinks. In addition, there will be a notice ahead of time of worship such as azan sound warning, as well as a holy place complete with facilities of worship place conceptual separation between men and women.

"So when the call to prayer occurs, all activities in this place must stop, and it can be resumed after the call to prayer and prayer for the Muslims," ​​explained Anas.

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