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Revive the Three Main Pillars of NU

A'wan PWNU East Java H Hasan Aminuddin requested that Nahdlatul Tujjar (The Economic Movement), Nahdlatul Ilmiah (Scientific Movement) and Nahdlatul Wathon (National Movement) should be re-activated within the organization Nahdlatul Ulama (NU).

This was conveyed by Hasan Aminuddin while attending the halal bihalal as well as the inauguration of the board of Vice Branch of Nadhaltul Ulama (MWCNU) of Krucil Sub-district of Probolinggo Regency, Tuesday (1/8) afternoon.

According to Hasan, NU as a government partner must be proactive and contribute in solving the problem. In addition to being the nation's moral guarantor, there are three main pillars within the NU that must be re-activated. Namely, Nahdlatul Tujjar (Economic Movement), Nahdlatul Scientific (Movement of Scientific) and Nahdlatul Wathon (National Movement).

"Understand the nature and conditions of this, learn the science in accordance with this nature, then use that knowledge to be able to process and utilize all the natural wealth here maximally. Be a player in his own area do not wait for outsiders, "he said.

According to Hasan, the economic movement must be supported by the understanding and mastery of various scientific disciplines relevant to geographical conditions, especially in Krucil sub-district.

"Forestry science, plantation and agricultural engineering is a science that must also be mastered by the younger generation," he explained.

To the caretakers of boarding school Hasan appealed to equip santrinya with knowledge and skills, in addition to the religious knowledge they are studying.

"Add a useful science of entrepreneurship to the santri. Organize training and various skills courses. Because the science will be very useful later, "he said.

This activity was attended by a number of board of PCNU City of Kraksaan and MWCNU of Krucil Sub-district, both from institute management and autonomous body (banom). Not to forget also a number of religious leaders and community leaders in District Krucil.

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