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Muhaimin Support the Development of Pesantren Cut Nyak Dien

Struggle hero female Origin NAD, Cut Nyal Dien who teach reading Al- Qur`an in exile in Sumedang make a PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar, untouched and spontaneously donated two hundred million is allocated to build Pesantren Tahfidz Al-qur'an in Cut Nyak Dien Mausoleum area.

"As part of the honor and respect the struggle of a woman whose extraordinary spirit in a state of blind but able to teach reading the Quran with sincerity," said Cak Imin after a pilgrimage to the Tomb of the Cut Nyak Dien, Saturday (08/05/2017).

Spontaneity Cak Imin, the nickname of the great-grandson of the founder almagfurlah NU KH Bisri Syansuri certainly positively greeted the people living around the Tomb of the Cut Nyak Dien.

"Many leaders, leaders come pilgrimage here but only this time there were moved to build a boarding school as a reward for services Cut Nyak Dien in Sumedang, our citizens would be proud and thankful and grateful to Cak Imin," said Dadang (43th) residents Sumedang .

The planned location point of construction of Tahfidz Al-Quran Pesantren will be done around the cemetery Cut Nyak Dien.

After a pilgrimage to the tomb of Cut Nyak Dien, Cak Imin entourage of activity recess Joint PKB faction of Parliament greeted the Regent Sumedang, Cak Imin accompanied by Secretary General of PKB Abdul Kadir Karding, Chairman of the PKB faction Hj Ida Fauziyah and H Cucun Syamsurijal and stakeholders dapil KH Maman Imanulhaq riding Renggong in the accompaniment of dance and music typical Sumedang to attend the meeting at the Islamic Center Sumedang.

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