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Kamila Putri Hafizha UGM Youngest Student 2017

Kamila Putri Hafizha does look no different than 8,331 other new UGM students. A plain face, with a white headscarf as if showing the girl in the same age with new fellow students who follow PPSMB Palapa UGM 2017.

But wait, it turns out the original girl Sidoarjo East Java is aged 15 years 5 months when declared admitted as a student UGM Faculty of Geography force 2017. Age that make it predicate youngest student class of 2017.

The second child of three brothers born February 26, 2002 is so proud to get into UGM and become the youngest student. Not without cause at the age of 15 years Kamila was able to continue the study to college level, the reason elementary to high school taken within just 9 years.

The reason for entering UGM Geography is actually quite simple because Kamila likes things related to the earth.

"I love something related to the earth like a natural disaster, I am curious how the disaster can happen, because it chose to enter Geography IPA," she told reporters on Monday (07/08/2017).

After officially entering and now undergoing PPSMB activities, Kamila is determined to finish S1 degree in 3.5 years time to continue to the next level.

"Hopefully sooner and later be a researcher like in National Geographic because I really love nature," she continued.

UGM Rector Prof. Panut Mulyonotak imposed a special case for the youngest students who entered. However, Panut hopes Kamila can learn maximally at UGM until later apply the knowledge gained for the progress of Indonesia.

"Our principle, all UGM students are treated equally including the youngest at this age of 15. We hope this student can survive because of the past-then also.His hope after the successful high school-high school then the college is also a success, gratitude can Go to Doctoral then the country can exploit its ability is longer with age yan very young, " she told reporters.

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