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HMI Asks Religious Offenders in Prison

Dozens of students from the Islamic Students Association (HMI) Karawang regency, West Java, demanding law enforcement officers imprisoned a suspected blasphemy case by a businessman, Aking Saputra. The demand was delivered in a demonstration held in front of the Office of Public Prosecutor (Kejari) Karawang, Wednesday (2/8).

"We are here to urge Kejari to immediately arrest Aking Saputra, because the suspect has been set in the case of blasphemy," said Chairman of HMI Karawang, Rudi Maulana.

Rudi said the police had set Aking as a suspect, but until now there has been no arrest. Therefore, HMI urges law enforcement can immediately make a detention of a suspected religious penista.

Previously, people who are members of the Community Forum Falkirk reported cases of allegations of religious blasphemy Aking Saputra to Polres Karawang. In accordance with the report of the community, Aking considered insulting Muslims in their social media status.

In the status of his Facebook account, Aking writes "Do today's children know that many PKI leaders are religious leaders (of course the majority of Muslims)." (ROL / HD)

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