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Hamka House Standing in Malaysia

A number of Indonesian leaders in Malaysia attended the inauguration of Guest Houses and Hamka Library on the Great River initiated by MPs of the Great River, Budiman Bin Mohd Zohdi, Saturday (5/8/2017).

A number of prominent figures were Nasdem Malaysia Chairman Tengku Adnan, Chairman of the Malaysian Democratic Party Lukmanul Hakim, Chairman of the Malaysian Muhammadiyah Dr Sonny Zulhuda, KNPI Malaysian agent Agus Dwi and the administrators of Pena Nusantara Malaysia Raihana Mahmud.

Then Chairman of Aisiyah Malaysia's Special Branch Nita Nashitah, member of the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) Lamongan Ali Mahfud while from Malaysia, among others Deputy Steering Institute Institute of Malaysia Fadil Omar Baki Wasatiyyah.

The inauguration begins with a flashback of Prof. Dr. Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah's work in the archipelago delivered by Sonny Zulhuda who is also a lecturer at the Islamic University of Antar Bangsa.

"Among the most prolific scientists and scholars of Hamka, so when Budiman initiated the establishment of Rumah Hamka, the lucky Great River citizens, through Muhammadiyah he strengthened his Islamic scholarship," he said.

Budiman Mohd. Zohdi called the establishment of Hamka Library House to encourage the people, especially young people in the Great River using science.

Budiman said the opening of the library that took the name of the famous writer and cleric, Hamka or his real name, Allahyarham Abdul Malik Abdul Karim Amrullah as a manifestation of the writing of the character's books that have brought great influence to the people of the archipelago.

Although Hamka was born in Indonesia, he said, but his works belong to the Indonesian archipelago, including in Malaysia.

"I am focused on choosing Hamka's work as he is close to our society, I think he represents the voice of the archipelago community in addition to being nostalgic and referral to audiences in this country," he said.

In addition, he said, he wanted to realize the culture of reading and intellectual conversation within the local community.

Budiman said that 80 percent of Hamka's 134 titles have been placed in Hamka's Library.

The Hamka library is open to the public every day from 9am to 5pm.

Rurut signed the inauguration plaque of Hamka Library The Deputy Director of the Institut Wasatiyyah Malaysia, Fadil Omar Baki accompanied Budiman in Kampung Tebuk Haji Yusof, while in the evening played the Film Under Protected Kaaba adopted from Buya Hamka novel.

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