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Echo Takbir Welcomes Partial Eclipse in Cimahi

Partial or partial lunar eclipse that occurred on Tuesday (08/08/2017) early morning into an astronomical event that eagerly awaited the community.

Not only can be seen with the help of binoculars or telescopes, the lunar eclipse can also be seen with the naked eye.

In Cimahi City, West Java, many people are still awake just to see the astronomical phenomenon, as observed in RW 13 Leuwigajah Urban Village. Residents utilize the camera handphone tool to capture a quarter of the face of the moon that was lost because it covered the shadow of the sun.

"For one year it's said there are four times the eclipse, so I deliberately see this eclipse, if you want to observe the stars quite far," said Medri Aldhiaz, a citizen who was seen observing a partial lunar eclipse.

Not only that, along with the lunar eclipse, heard the sound of the rhythm of the takbir from the loudspeakers of several mosques around the Complex Nusa Persada RW 13.

Al-Ihya Mosque located in the complex also seen some people are carrying out the eclipse prayers while echoing takbir.

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