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Ahead of 2019 Presidential Election, Facebook Create a Special Algorithm

Minister of Communication and Informatics (Menkominfo) held a closed meeting with representatives of Facebook from Asia Pacific. The meeting was one of them discussing hoax or false news.

Director General of Informatics Applications Kemenkominfo, Samuel Abrijani Implementation said, in the meeting, to discuss the political year in 2019.

Where the year as it is known there will be the implementation of Presidential Election. So to reduce the news hoax, it had a meeting with Facebook.

"So indeed the handling of this hoax needs an intense cooperation with Facebook," said Samual at Kemenkominfor Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (2/8).

Samuel added, currently the Kemenkominfo with Facebook is also looking for a special formula to be able to ward off the existence of hoax in applications owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

The formula is called an algorithm.

"They (Facebook) create a special algorithm for Indonesia how to ward off hoaxes," he said.

However, if the special formula can not be applied by Facebook, then Kemenkominfo can prepare a special team to monitor at the time of the presidential election later.

"Hopefully there is a team that can provide a hoax determines as well," he concluded

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