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The awe of Surat Al Ikhlas


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Rasulullah Muhammad SAW at one time said:
"By Allah my soul in His grasp, indeed:

QUL HUWALLAHU AHAD is written on the wings of the Angel Gabriel.

ALLAHHUS SAMAD is written by the angel of Michael.

On, the wing of the Angel of Izra'il,

WALAM YAKULLAHU KUFUWAN AHAD written on the wings of the Angel Israfil "7

Saying Ibn Abbas r.a. That Rasulullah SAW has said: When I {Rasulullah SAW} Isra 'to the sky, I see the Throne on 360,000 pillars and distance between one pillar to another pillar is 300,000 years of travel. .

In each of these pillars there is a desert of 12,000 and the breadth of each one of the fields is as wide as from east to west.

There are 80,000 angels in each of them, all of whom read Al-Ikhlas.

After they have finished reading the Surah then say them:

"O our Lord, verily the reward of this passage we give to those who recite surah
Al-Ikhlas both men and women. ".

Anas bin Malik's history also records the story of Al-Ikhlas's letter.

Once 70,000 angels were sent to a friend in Madina who died.

The arrival of the angels to dim the sunlight. 70,000 The angel was sent only because the deceased read this letter often.

Anas bin Malik who was with Prophet Muhammad SAW in Tabuk felt the dim sunlight was not as usual and the Angel Gabriel came to the Prophet to preach the events that are happening in Medina.

Rasulullah S.A.W said:
Whoever recites the Sura of Al-Ikhlas during his illness so that he dies, his body will not rot in his grave, will survive him from the tranquility of his grave and the Angels will carry it with their wings across Titian Siratul Mustaqim and then to Heaven (HR Qurthuby)

If you Share this to 1 person it means you have spread 10 good in the Hereafter.

O Allah, make us lasting in reading Surotul Al Ikhlas and say "SUBHANALLAH"
Become human, according to the Prophet SAW, healthy, useful
And died in a HUSNUL KHATIMAH state
Aamiiin2 yaa Rabbal 'Aalamiin ...

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