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Religious leaders invite Murojaah Together In Action 171717

For the sake of the creation of a peaceful and prosperous Indonesia, all religious followers invite all Indonesians and TNI members to pray together on August 17, 2017 at 17.00 for 1 hour at the Army headquarters.

The appeal was conveyed by representatives of 5 religious followers.

As submitted by the Leader of Indonesia Murojaah Foundation, Deden M Machyaruddin who invites to all the Qur'an memorized throughout Indonesia in order to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia for Murojaah together.

"This is simultaneously for 1 hour from 17:00 to 18:00 for Indonesia more affectionate, centered on the TNI headquarters nearby in their respective areas," he said in a statement delivered in Youtube media, recently.

Deden explains, for people who have memacked 30 juzz Juzz will be distributed it, while those who have not memorized 30 juzz, are required to submit juzz that will be read in the registration form. For those who do not have time to register please murojaah in each place anywhere in the same hour both individuals and groups.

"For those who have not memorized the Quran please read any letter that memorized repeated for 1 hour And do not forget to upload in social media with hastag #IndonesiaLebihKasihSayang," he said.

The same message was also conveyed by Master Teacher from Lombok NTB, Muhammad Turmudzi Badaruddin invites the Muslims of the santri, kiyai throughout Indonesia to spend an hour on August 17, 2017, starting at 17 to 18 to together recite the Quran that is memorized in Repeat for Indonesia More Compassion.

From Pesantren Buntet Cirebon, KH Anas Arsyad also invites all Indonesian Muslims to join the kiyai to perform murojaah repeating the recitation of the Qur'an letter that was memorized on August 17, 2017.

"Hopefully the echoes of Quran tilawatil will be more mekokohkan affection in Indonesia," he said.

This action was first initiated by TNI Commander Gatot Nurmayanto. In his oration in Sukabumi Gatot said action 171717 is an act of affection involving all elements of religion, especially Muslims as the majority religion in Indonesia.

"We pray together, especially for the Muslims, will be collected for the Koranic Khatam, from the hour of 17 until the 18th closing prayers in congregational prayers, the Catholic, the Protestant, the Hindu and the Buddhist, please pray for Indonesia to be loving" Said the Commander

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