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Banser Jogja Declaration of Anti Radicalism

Apples 1,000 Banser Anti-Radicalism Movement Declaration coloring the Inauguration of Regional Leadership (PW) Youth Movement (GP) Ansor DIY Period of Khidmat 2017 - 2021, Sunday (30/07/2017) at the page of UIN Yogyakarta.

With unanimous declared one state, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), berideologi one ideology of Pancasila, and uphold the diversity of Indonesia. Reject all forms of radicalism and terrorism that undermines NKRI.

"The founder of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) KH Hasyim Al Asy'ari is also one of the founders of NKRI, if there are groups who want the NKRI dissolved the same as trampling self-esteem I call for a stronghold of the leading resistance," said Chairman of GP Ansor Also the National Banser Commander H Yaqut Cholil Qoumas in his oration on the UIN page before inaugurating PW GP Ansor DIY.

Oration H Yaqut Cholil was greeted enthusiastically from a thousand Banser from around DIY. "Suppose using the excuse of Islamic Khilafah is the same as accusing the founder of NU Kyai Hasyim Al Asy'ari who is also the founder of the Unitary State of the Unitary State of Syariah. Groups like this are treading on self-esteem and we must fight against the oath as the next generation, "said Yaqut.

Yaqut confirmed GP Ansor and Banser not willing to NKRI undermined by groups that have no history of the struggle of the nation and do not have the services of the founding of NKRI. "NKRI price die, Pancasila belongs to us. Keep the spirit to defend what we have for the establishment of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, "said Yaqut who was greeted yel-yel a thousand Banser.

Chairman of PW GP Ansor DIY Muchammad Syaifudin accompanied by Head of Unit Korwil DIY Nur Wahid affirmed the declaration refuse radicalism is the movement of guarding NKRI. "Not only HTI mass organizations that are not obedient Pancasila we will straighten. This movement we do procedural by staying in the line, if the organizations we straighten out still reject Pancasila will be legally dealt with the TNI or police, "he explained.

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