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The Nabawi Mosque High Priest Prayed for Indonesia

MFCNews.Com  | The Islamic world's attention for Indonesia is so fantastic. It proven of the High Priest of Nabawi Mosque, Syaikh Sholah al Budair prayed for Indonesia better while leading tarawih prayer.

Syaikh Sholah al Budair delivered his promise when he met the elected governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan in Medina, Tuesday (6/6/2017).

The meeting was at the invitation of the High Priest who knew Anies was in Medina.

The Anies-Sandi spokesman, Naufal Firman Yursak told that Anies felt so lucky to meet Syaikh Sholah in Medina because not all people can meet with him.

"If there are  foreign guests or even a minister, Shaykh Sholah seldom receives them." Said Naufal in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/6/2017).

The meeting was held in the third floor of the Nabawi Mosque office room. It located in the middle of the Mosque. Thus all scenery of Mosque built in 622 M were seen clearly.

The meeting also presented the Head of secretariat and Public Relation of Nabawi Mosque.

The meeting ran warm and friendly. There are many things discussed starting from the condition of Muslims around the world till the condition that happening in Indonesia.

"He (Syaikh Sholah) seemed follow the development of the Indonesia condition" he said

After that, he lead a joint prayer. Syaikh Sholah, a former of High Priest Haram Mosque, also promised to pray Indonesia in his qunut at Shalat Tarwih that lead by him.

Anies wasn't only met with the High Priest but also met wtih four muazzins in the Nabawi Mosque.

"They (Muazzin) unnerved with Indonesia. One of them unnerved by the large of nation and kind of society in the islands that result many of language and fantastic culture" Naufal said. 

Editor : Rendi Septian

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