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The 212 Alumni Presidium: Fly the Half-Pole Flag !

MFCNews.Com  | The 212 Alumni Presidium calls on all Muslims to fly a half-pole flag as a sign of the death of justice in Indonesia after Rizieq Shihab as the leader of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) being suspect.

"On the determination of Habib Rizieq's suspect and his return to Indonesia, we as 212 Alumni Presidium with the Ulama Defense Team invite Islamic mass organizations and other community to fly a half-pole flag as the death of justice symbol in this country," Ansufri Sambo as a Chairman of 212 Alumni Presidium, during a press conference at Baiturrahman Mosque, Tebet, Jakarta, Wednesday (31/5).

The 212 Alumni Presidium also requested TNI and the Police being neutral and not being a tool of power.

He also hoped the apparatus did not act repressively to the masses during the peaceful action.

“We ask TNI and Polri don’t act repressively to the masses as long as they carry out the action peace, order and constitutionally, " Ansufri said.(JP)

Editor: Rendi Septian

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