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Jokowi was prosecuted to return the name and the honor of ulama

MFCNews.Com  | Joko Widodo as Indonesia President was prosecuted by many of islamic mass organization and ummat to return the name and the honor of Ulama that currently was sank by uncertainty case.

"Demand and urged the government to return the name and honor of the ulama, figures, and islamic activist from the uncertainty alleged, baseless and asked for free from the prison," It is the Dewan Dakwah press relase broadcasted in its facebook fanpage.

The leader of Mass Organzation or islamic institution and All Jabotabek Mosque management behave about the problem that happened to Muslims Indonesia and called on All Moeslem in the Ramadhan Mubarak month to pray the ulama, figures, and islamic activist are always protected and guarded by Allah SWT.

"Asking press to be fair, honest and legal in report about Islam and Moslem "

They also remind some one who vile accusation towards ulama, mass organization and Moslems to repent soon to Allah SWT.

Editor : Rendi Septian

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