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Amin Rais and Habib Rizieq talked about the national politics in the Haramain

MFCNews.Com | The picture of the Chairman of 212 Presidium Council, Amin Rais with  the High Priest of Islamic Defender Front (FPI) Rizieq Shihab in an unknown room became viral in the web. It took when Amin was doing Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

"Thats a silaturahmi moment, Habib Rizieq met Amin Rais when they did umrah," Sugito Atmo Pawiro as Rizieq's legal councel said to the reporter , thursday (15/6).

There are some hotel background picture that spreaded in the electronic linking message. In one picture , Rizieq clasped tight the arm the former of the National Mandate Party (PAN).

Then, also there is a picture that showed the deputy chairman of the  commision one Indonesian Legislative Assembly (DPR RI) the son of Amin Rais, Ahmad Hanafi Rais.

"Amin was doing Umrah then we often meet in the Hotel. We meet four times in Mecca. Mr Amin often want to visit us" Sugito explained.

According to Sugito, the meeting between Rizieq and Amin also discussed about some of national issue such as the condition of politics in our country that worse day by day. Such an alleged intimidation and criminalization to the Ulama.

"They also talked about criminalization to the national politic figures" he concluded.

Editor : Rendi septian

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